Susie Roe has served the Rochester area since 1986 as a well known restauranteur and caterer.  Having started her career as part-owner of Keenan's Restaurant, Susie with best friend and chef Frank Nichols created menus that have withstood the test of time.

Susie built her reputation on consistently great food and friendly service.  After retiring from Keenan's in November of 2012 and spending some time out west, Susie came back home and found the perfect solution to continue her passion in the industry.  Long-time friend Frank has become Susie's mentor in her new adventure, and shares recipes and strategies to ensure that Susie Roe's Grill & Catering provides the same quality of food and service that they have both been passionate about for the last 36years.  

Susie Roe's Grill & Catering can be found seasonally at  the Fairport Farmers Market on Saturday mornings and the Irondequoit Farmer's Market on Thursday evenings .  Make sure to try one of our Famous Carrot Hots!!  

*Call Susie to help plan your next event...you'll be glad you did!